NEW Justice League Stretch Batman $23.20 @ Big W

NEW Justice League Stretch Batman $23.20 @ Big W

You've heard of Stretch Armstrong, right? Well, there's now an even tougher fella in town: Stretch Batman - and he's seriously stretchy! This is selling up to $49.99 at some stores, but you can pick it up at Big W for just $23.20 right now!

Stretch figures are heaps of fun, and they're kind of like fidget toys in a sense, owing to the repetitive stretching. But, of course the beauty of this one is that it's Batman, and it doubles as an awesome toy for imaginative play.

Stretch Batman can be really stretched, and he won't break. Kids can tie him even tie him in knots, and he'll revert back to his perfect self.

No doubt about it, this is going to be a popular one for Batman fans this Christmas!

Standard shipping is $9.90.


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