NEW Jurassic World Duplo Sets From $25 @ Kmart

NEW Jurassic World Duplo Sets From $25 @ Kmart

It's so exciting seeing the world go slightly Dino mad amidst the anticipation for Jurassic World, and it's hard not to get wrapped up in it - particularly if your kids are LEGO fans. The new Jurassic World LEGO range is in stores now, the latest additions being the DUPLO sets and they are too cute for words!

After a little hunting around, I've found Kmart actually has the best price on these two adorable DUPLO sets, both featuring dinos inspired by Jurassic World - only far less gnarly!

Take a look:

In T.rex Tower, kids have to assist Owen Grady to save Jurassic World from a furocious T-Rex on the loose. There's a car, a lookout tower, a petrol can and ladder included for playing out loads of scenarios.

The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo is actually my favourite because it's got a baby Triceratops in it! Other features include a swinging bridge, palm tree, camera, flowers and icon brick. NEw Jurassic World Duplo Sets From $25 @ Kmart

Yougn kids seem to go nutty of dinosaurs, and these sets are perfect for letting those imaginations fly. I'm so grabbing set for my little guy - and yes, I'll be playing with it too!

Shipping is $10 at Kmart, or use Click & Collect for $3.


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