NEW Jurassic World Dinosaurs Arrive @ Build-A-Bear Workshop

NEW Jurassic World Dinosaurs Arrive @ Build-A-Bear Workshop

Dinosaurs are EVERYWHERE right now - they've even invaded Build-a-Bear Workshop! If your dino fanatics would love nothing more than to cuddle their very own T.rex or Velociraptor, get over to the workshop now!

Now, unlike what we're sure to see in the Jurassic World movie, these dinosaurs aren't particularly scary, in fact they're cute as buttons, and they will no doubt be appreciated and loved by even the youngest dinosaur fans.

Options include:

Remember, when you order online at Build-a-Bear, the animals come already stuffed. If your kids want to build their own, then head to a store near you.

Psst! Did you know you can score $30 Build-a-Bear in-store credit for just $16? Click here for all the details.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom releases on the 21st June. Check out ticket information here.

Standard shipping is $9.85.


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