NEW Hot Wheels The Beatles 50th Anniversary Vehicles $3.99 @ Toys R Us

Hot Wheels The Beatles Vehicles $3.99

Well, this is a pairing I never expected to see: The Beatles and Hot Wheels! But, I guess when you take into account the awesomeness of sixties vehicles, and in particular the Yellow Submarine, it all actually makes perfect sense. You can pick up these vehicles in six designs right now from Toys R Us for $3.99 a pop.

The six diecast vehicles in the range are:

  • Morris Mini
  • Kool Kombi
  • Fish'd n Chip'd
  • Bumb Around
  • Fast Felion
  • Cockney Cab II

I think it's safe to say that a lot of "big kids" are going to loving these cars just as much as littlies love the hippy designs and fabulous colours.

Better dig up that dusty copy of The Yellow Submarine and get ready for a whole lot 'o singing!

Toys R Us has a big sale running right now, with up to 50% off various toys. Make sure you have a peek!

Shipping is FREE over $130.

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