NEW Harry Potter BulbBotz Light-Up Alarm Clocks $35 @ Big W

NEW Harry Potter BulbBotz Light-Up Alarm Clocks $35 @ Big W

If you're after a practical gift for a Potter fan, these new Harry Potter alarm clocks by BulbBotz are pretty hard to pass by. They're not just seriously cute, but they have actual character sounds, and they light up! You can buy them right now at Big W for $35 each.

I love that these little alarm clocks double as nightlights; they're going to be perfect for the youngest of Potter fans who are still battling fears of the dark, and also learning about time.

The nightlight function applies to the entire head of the characters and the LCD panel - so you can see what the time is in the dark. Very handy.

But it doesn't end there.

Both Harry and Hermione come with actual character sound recordings from the movies, which totally bring them to life.

Hermione says, "Wingardium Leviosa!", and Harry says, "Expecto Patronum!".

NEW Harry Potter & Hermione BulbBotz Light-Up Alarm Clocks $35 @ big W

Each clock measures around 14 centimetres in height, so they're certainly going to be something of a feature in bedrooms.

The light feature runs for five minutes at a time, and you'll need two AAA batteries to power it.

At this stage, we haven't seen these anywhere else in Australia, so they may be exclusive to Big W. Better get moving if you need one under the Christmas tree this year!

Standard shipping is $7.60. Free in-store collection available.


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  • Jo-Anne G.

    yeah! These might make mornings at least more bearable!:grin:

  • Kirsty J.

    just checking these out in Big W Catalogue

  • Chell W.

    omg that’s the weirdest Harry Potter merch I’ve ever seen:joy::joy::joy:

  • Dawn G.

    Why does this even need to exist? If they wanted a HP theme clock, should it not be a time Turner?