NEW Fur Real Shaggy Shawn $35 @ Kmart

NEW Fur Real Shaggy Shawn $35 @ Kmart

Isn't this little guy adorable? I can't help but suspect that young kids are going to fall head over heals for this shaggy guy, and the fact that he makes super cute puppy sounds makes him even more irresistible. You can find him at Kmart now for $35.

Clearly it's all about the hair when it comes to this pooch, and naturally, Shawn comes with his own trimmer accessory. Kids can style him up however they want!

Fur Real Pets are heaps of fun, but I think Shawn is the cutest I've seen, not to mention the funniest to look at. My kids would have a blast creating wacky looks for this scruffy pal - I might even be temped to have a go myself!

Check out Shawn in this clip:

Kmart delivers for $10, or you can use Click & Collect for $3.


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