Fingerlings Baby Dragons Reduced to Just $15 @ Myer

The most fiery Fingerlings yet
Fingerlings Baby Dragons Reduced to Just $15 @ Myer

First it was monkeys, then unicorns, dinosaurs and then sloths; and more recently the Fingerlings Baby Dragons joined the gang - and kids love them! These are every bit as awesome as the other Fingerlings, and come in a variety of colour options. We've found them reduced to just $15 at Myer - and that's as cheap as we've ever seen them!

If you and your kids are new to the Fingerlings craze, let me fill you in on why they've been such a red-hot favourite when it comes to robotic toys.

Firstly, they're a great size, and are designed to literally dangle from kids' fingers, or even latch onto them. They're small enough to go pretty much everywhere with kids - even fit in a pocket.

Then there are the movement and sound effects, which are hilarious. Not only can they respond to touch and sound by moving their heads and by blinking, they all have an impressive vocal repertoire that includes giggles, cooing - even fart sounds!

Apparently the Fingerlings Baby Dragons are particularly great at laughing, so if you've got giggly kids in your life, this is the perfect robotic pet for them. And dragons are pretty darn cool, let's face it.

Varieties include Noa (aqua), Tara (blue), Sandy (pink) and Kaylin (purple), and each Fingerlings Baby Dragon comes ready to play - no need for additional batteries. (These are sent randomly if you order them online.)

(Note, these are genuine Fingerlings; there are a lot of fakes out there, so make sure you buy from a reliable seller.)

Standard shipping is $7.95 at Myer, or you can use FREE Click & Collect.


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