New Electric Ride-On Digger Does 360-Degree Turns

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New Electric Ride-On Digger Does 360-Degree Turns

A new electric ride-on digger has just arrived in time for Christmas, and this one can do 360-degree turns! If your kids are mad about bulldozers, tractors and big vehicles, they are going to LOVE this one! Use the code PLEASE10 to reduce the price to $125.10 with free shipping.

Electric diggers have been some of the most popular ride-ons of the past few years, and this newcomer to the Rovo range is pretty much certain to go the the top of those wish lists. Unlike its predecessors, this digger doesn't only move in forward and reverse motion, thanks to the simple levers situated up front, kids can also spin in all directions.

New Electric Ride-On Digger Does 360-Degree Turns

There's also a digital sound system included, working lights, a working digging arm, seats for two kids (aged 2 - 4 years), and there's even a retractable handle at the back for parents to use.

Being a six-volt ride-on, you can expect this to travel at up to around five kilometres per hour, and while it's slow enough for parents to keep up with on foot, it will definitely give the kids a thrill.

Know someone who'd love this for Christmas? I certainly do!

CODE: Enter code PLEASE10 at checkout to reduce the price to $125.10.

This digger ships FREE in Australia.


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