NEW Disney Princess Belle & Cinderella Reversible Single Quilt Cover $59 @ Little Gecko

Reversible Disney Princess Quilt Cover $59

If I could go back in time, I'd buy this for my daughter in a heartbeat - it's SO perfect for little princesses. The quilt cover set is brand new to Little Gecko and you can buy it for $59 right now.

Not only is this adorable quilt cover positively oozing Disney Princess goodness, but it's designed in a similar fashion to the Dutch-designed Snurk quilt covers, where kids actually get to become the character on the bed - and in this case, Belle or Cindy!

One side of the quilt features Belle's glorious yellow gown in all its glory; the reverse shows off Cinderella's exquisite blue ball dress. The included pillowcase has a matching crown on it, so littlies get to hit the hay all dolled up as their favourite characters. So cute.

The cover is official merchandise, and it's made from a cotton/poly blend for easy care.

LOVE this!

Standard shipping is $10. Afterpay available.


  • Rachel W.

    how much would the girls love this?

    • Andrea T.

      It’s brilliant :blush:

  • Tiffany H.

    I need to get these for our two little princesses

  • Jess-Craig L.

    these are cute

    • Jade N.

      That's so cute!!@!

  • Kaihla S.

    Love the Cinderella one :blue_heart:

  • Jen P.

    it’s reversible!!! Oh my :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Kaihla S.

    so it’s both? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jen P.


  • Brooke C.

    Omg they need a prince and princess one! Or I guess a king and queen considering we would need a prince in the middle :joy::neutral_face:

  • Jade T.

    Will this come in King Size at all?...asking for a friend :thinking:

    • Jade T.


  • Adrienne M.


  • Kim T.

    Omg so gorgeous

  • Alex S.

    I’d love one :laughing:

  • Alex S.

    I’d like princess jasmine maybe :thinking:

  • Tracey J.

    how cute I love

  • Toby W.

    Does it trap them in the bed lol

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