NEW Disney Aladdin Fashion & Singing Dolls From $25 @ Big W

NEW Disney Aladdin Fashion & Singing Dolls From $25 @ Big W

Are your kids excited about release of the new Aladdin movie? It's only a few weeks away, and I cannot wait! Some fabulous merchandise has rolled into stores already, and some of my favourite toys so far include the new Aladdin character dolls - some of which SING! Head over to Big W and check them out.

The singing dolls are $39 and measure around 30 centimetres - similar to a Barbie. Jasmine comes with shoes, earrings and her iconic turquoise outfit; Genie doesn't have removable clothes, but does come with an earring and shoes.

Both dolls come with a button on their torsos, and once pushed, they burst into song. Jasmine sings "A Whole New World" (of course), and Genie sings "A Friend Like Me" - and you can bet the kids will be singing along all day.

If you'd prefer non-singing dolls, check out the Aladdin Fashion Dolls, which are $25 each. These dolls come in Jasmine, Genie and Aladdin characters and each one comes with accessories.

The new Aladdin movie releases on 23rd May in Australia - and I'm totally counting the days!

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or you can use FREE in-store collection if stock is on hand.


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