Mushions Personalised Face Cushions $27.30 @ Firebox

Mushions Personalised Face Cushions $27.30 @ Firebox

If you are after a gift that screams humour and all 'round wackiness, this has to be it, and it comes as no surprise that is an exclusive and bestselling Firebox product. Mushions are cushions that are custom-printed with the image of a face, and you can grab one for as low as $27.30* with shipping to Australia.

All you need to do is submit a high-resolution photo via the Firebox website, and leave the rest to them. They will have your loved one's image (or perhaps your own) transferred into a snuggly (if completely bizarre) sofa adornment in no time.

You can buy single Mushions for £14.99, or around AU$27.30, but if you're after more, you'll save a bit by buying doubles or triples.

Mushions measure around 30 centimetres, so there is no way these will go unnoticed in a room. But if you want to make a BIG statement, check out the Monster Mushions- they're 60 centimetres tall! Can you even image?

Some people will love this, some will find them downright creepy. Personally, I can't stop laughing - and I know a few people who absolutely need one!

So, what are you waiting for? As the Firebox crew say: "stuff your face!"

Standard shipping to Australia starts at around £4, or approximately AU$7.50.

*AUD price based on exchange rate on 6th April, 2018.


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