Monthly: Win 1 of 12 new iPhones

16 July 2008

*This is my first deal post so please feel free to edit*

Becoming an APL member gives you access to nearly 4000 free poker events every month.

Join today and you will instantly become eligible to qualify for over $10 million dollars worth of cash and prizes, including trips to Vegas, tickets to the World Series of Poker and much much more!

Plus, just by registering you will automatically be entered into a draw to win a brand NEW iphone!

One Lucky winner will be drawn each month.


  • admin EDITOR
    your doing fine lisamaree. I can imagine these online poker sites could get pretty addictive - least I reckon I'd get sucked into it.
  • LisaMaree
    :o I don't intend to play lol! I was actually just looking for someone (you know doing a bit of google PI) and I saw the comp and thought I would register to go in the draw :) You never know... Lisa

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