Monopoly Unicorns Vs Llamas Available Now at Amazon

It's a battle of the beasts!
Monopoly Unicorns Vs Llamas Available Now at Amazon

We all know someone who is crazy about llamas or unicorns - or both, and this new edition of Monopoly is going to be right up their alley. It's still quite tough to find in Australia, but you can get your hands on it at Amazon Australia for $35.53 with international shipping.

In this hilarious, and team-based edition, groups have to make their way around the board, claiming titles like, 'most colourful', and 'most charming' - even 'most huggable', and place rainbow or candy tiles on claimed titles.

Chance cards are divided into Unicorn Cards and Llama Cards, and tokens, of course, take the form of colourful unicorns and llamas.

The aim of the game is to be the team with the most claimed titles - then victory can be celebrated, and the age-old unicorn-versus-llama rivalry will be finally be sorted - well, until the next time you play!

Monopoly Unicorns Vs Llamas Available Now at Amazon

Not into mythical creatures and fluffy animals with attitude? Amazon Australia's Boxing Day Sale is now live, and there are a number of Monopoly editions heavily reduced right now - don't miss it!

This item ships from Amazon's global store, and shipping costs around $15.


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  • Lisa F.

    I know someone who will LOVE it