Monopoly Speed Available Now at Target

And it takes just 10 minutes to play!
Monopoly Speed Available Now at Target

Monopoly Speed has just arrived at Target Online, and if you love the classic version, but find the sheer length of it a bit too much to commit to, this the edition you need to get your hands on. Grab it now for just $34.50.

In this much-needed edition off Monopoly, each player gets his/her own coloured token and matching die, and everyone gets to buy and trade at the same time - they don't have to wait for their turn!

There are four rounds in the entire game, and players have to scramble to buy up and trade as many properties as they can before the buzzer goes off. (You'll need batteries for the timer.)

Monopoly Speed Available Now at Target

To make it even faster, there are not one but two GO squares, so players can whip around the board quicker than ever.

If time is scarce in your life, get this game in your games cupboard STAT.

Standard shipping is $9 or FREE over $80. Click & Collect is FREE for this item.


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