Monopoly For Millennials Just $29.99 @ Myer

You don't buy properties, you acquire experiences
Monopoly For Millennials Just $29.99 @ Myer

With a tagline of "Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway," Monopoly For Millennials is possibly one of the most controversial board games of recent times. It's been a tough one to find in Australia, but we have just spotted it at Myer for just $29.99 with FREE Click & Collect available.

When this game was released late last year, it had some people in hysterics, and others with (understandably) ruffled feathers, because it's packed with generalisations about twenty and thirty-somethings today.

For starters, instead of buying properties like we're used to, in this edition, players collect experiences. They can visit a farmers' market, take off to a music festival, sleep on a friend's couch - you get the idea.

Monopoly For Millennials Just $29.99 @ Myer

Chance and Community Chest Cards are included in this edition. Expect to be advised that your streaming service has expired and you have to pay the bank $40, and other such news.

But it gets better: Tokens include a hashtag (yes, really) and an emoji.

If you know someone who'd get a kick out of this edition, head over to Myer and grab it for a steal.

Standard shipping is $7.95 or FREE over $49. Click & Collect is FREE and available if stock is on hand.


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    yes. There no question this is simply yes

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    I almost bought this

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    Oh cool! Can I play as the snowflake?