Monopoly Disney Animation Edition $39.99 @ Amazon Australia

Monopoly Disney Animation Edition $39.99 @ Amazon Australia

This particular edition of Monopoly is a tough one to find here in Australia, but it's just popped up on Amazon Australia for $39.99, cheaper than most of the other themed editions around - and it's DISNEY! So much want.

Monopoly Disney Animation is packed with favourite characters from iconic Disney movies: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Tangled, Frozen and loads more.

It is recommended for ages eight and above (just like most other Monopoly editions), and it includes six Disney-themed player tokens.

Instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, this edition has Ariel's Treasure Chest and Magic Mirror cards. They could send player to jail, or help them on their mission to procure Disney movies and magic objects from films - with or without a little cheating!

Monopoly Disney Animation Edition $39.99 @ Amazon Australia

This is an absolute must for Disney fans, and I think it's safe to say it's one the kids will treasure for a very long time!

Loving the Disney sketches on the main board. Just beautiful.

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  • Lauryn H.

    Yes please!

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    I have one... not the same as this but it’s awesome. We shall play one day :slight_smile:

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    Ahhh that’s so cool!