Monopoly BFG Edition $24.50 @ eBay

Monopoly BFG Edition $24.50 @ eBay

It never ceases to amaze me how many different version of Monopoly the makers come up with, but I have to say this one has gone to the top on my favourites list. The Monopoly BFG edition is available to order for £13.99 or around AU$24.50 on eBay right now!

This game comes with six tokens and it follows Sophie's journey, as in plays out in the book and movie, saving the world from nasty giants! It's a game where you can lose yourself in Giant Country and giggle at all that ridiculous BFG speech.

If your kids are huge fans of the book and movie, this will be a must-have game for the home.

Being a limited edition, this one won't last long! Go get it QUICK!

Standard shipping is £6.39 or around AU$11.22. This will take a few weeks to arrive as it is coming from the UK.


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