Men's Beard Trimming Apron $6.99 Delivered @ eBay

Men's Beard Trimming Apron $6.99 Delivered @ eBay

If you share a bathroom with someone who has a beard, you'll know that come trim time, things get NASTY! Hair. Everywhere. And that is why this beard apron could be the best money you ever spend, because let's face it, no one wants beard hairs falling on their toothbrush.

These aprons are made of waterproof material and they really are a bit of genius invention. It attaches around the neck of the beard owner, and the other end sticks to the mirror with suckers, catching all those pesky, kinda gross hairs, and also saving your drain.

You can buy these aprons in white, black, blue, pink, red and yellow.

These were $9.99, and are down to $6.99 for all colours expect pink, which is just $4.99. You get FREE delivery on all aprons.

Aprons ship from NSW and posts quickly. Check the ETA on the listing, but there should be no problems getting this before Christmas.


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  • Debbie C.

    My son puts glad wrap in the basin to collect the hair. Works well for him.

  • Timothy S.

    Lol this would work a treat haha

  • Brogan F.

    I’ll put this on the list to santa!

  • Jess N.

    Haha it's a good investment :ok_hand_tone2::ok_hand_tone2: