Men's Beard Apron With Suction Caps $1.33 Delivered @ Zapals

Men's Beard Apron With Suction Caps $1.33

If you are sick of the sight of pesky beard and moustache hairs in your bathroom, get your purse! This Beard Apron from Zapals is down to just $1.33 delivered right now, and with Valentine's Day in sight, it's the perfect gift for that beard-loving fella of yours.

These aprons work like a bib in the sense that they catch all the mess! Come trim time, men need only attach the apron around the neck and position the suction caps to the mirror to create a safety net. Basins stay clean, drains unblocked, and you won't need to complain - again - about how gross it is to find beard hairs on your side of the basin. Eew.

For just $1.33 delivered, this one is a no-brainer!

(Available in black or white.)

Shipping to Australia is FREE.

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  • Jason H.

    They should bring one out for the kids, to catch the toothpaste :joy:

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