Men's Julius Marlow Nitro Black Leather Staple shoes shipped for $53.25 at The Mens Shop

The Mens Shop have a 30% off coupon code valid on all categories of products until midnight Sat 15th March 2014. Despite have limited sizes available, I found this pair of Julius Marlow Nitro Black Leather Staple shoes to be excellent value at $48.30 after applying the coupon (available in sizes 7,8 and 10). There's an additional $4.95 for shipping taking the total price to $53.25.

The next best price on these shoes online is from FSW Shoes who'll ship them to you for $89.95. While over at ShoeSuperstore, Myer as well as Julius Marlow's own website you'd be looking at paying between $99 and $119 including delivery.

A suggestion to get more value for money would be to add a pair of Van Heusen black premium dress socks (4 pack) to your cart. The pack is priced at 19.95 which will put your order size over the $60 mark giving you free shipping. Your total, together with the 30% off coupon code, comes to $62.26. In other words you're getting a $20 pack of premium socks as well but only paying about 9 bucks extra.

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  • Captainjack
    Here's the link to the Van Heusen 4 pack of premium socks.

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