Masters - Super Bright 60 LED 140 Lumens Solar Security Light $25 VS $55 @ Zizo

Masters - Super Bright 60 LED 140 Lumens Solar Security Light $25 VS $55 @ Zizo


Another Friday , another great offer from Masters.

Super Bright 60 Led Solar Security Light $25 VS $55 @ Zizo .

The ultimate energy saving light

If you’re getting home in the dark, you don’t want to be fumbling for your keys and stumbling up your front steps, but you also don’t want to be leaving the light on all day and wasting expensive electricity. Solar powered Motion Sensor LED Light is the perfect solution – it uses no electricity and turns on whenever you or anyone else approaches your house!

Works day and night to provide light!

During the day, the solar panel soaks up the sun and charges the rechargeable batteries that keep the light working throughout the night. When darkness falls, the passive infrared sensor can detect movements up to 9 metres away, within a 110 degree radius, keeping you and your house safe from the perils of darkness!

A great security device that costs nothing to run

You never know who is lurking around outside in the dark… that is, until they trigger the Solar Motion Sensor LED Light! Never again will you have to worry that someone is creeping around your house – the Sensor LED Light will light up when someone is outside, warning you and deterring them from coming any closer!

60 bright white LED lamps with reflective intensifier

Detects motion up tp 9m

Range of motion up to 110 degrees

DIY and easy to install

Adjustable delay time - light switches off after 5-120 seconds unless motion is detected

Solar powered, install anywhere

Batteries: 1.2V, 800mAh, 3 x AA NiCd

4.8m solar panel cable

For best performance allow solar panel to charge for 3 full days with the sensor power turned off

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