Magical Unicorn Dream Tent $12.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Magical Unicorn Dream Tent $12.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Well, this is one way to get kids motivated to get to bed on time! It's a Dream Tent totally decked out in unicorn magic, and you can grab one for just $12.99 delivered at Amazon Australia right now. Bargain!

I don't know a child who doesn't love a tent, so I can see these being a huge hit. They fasten to beds easily, and simply pop up like most kids' tents do. They have curtains that can be tied up at the sides, and they even come with a personal reading light, so kids can have their own lit-up little nook in the comfort of their beds!

I would have moved heaven and earth to have one of these when I was a kid!

Kids not into unicorns? There's also a WINTER WONDERLAND DREAM TENT, which is $12.59 delivered.

Dream Tents are only suitable for SINGLE beds, they won't fit doubles (sob!), so if you're looking for a gift, make sure you check what size bed the child has.

These tents ship FREE.


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    I want one :joy::heart::heart::heart: