L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets Available Now @ Target

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets Available Now!

Just when we're all getting over the madness that ensued when L.O.L Surprise Big Surprise and Pearl Surprise sets were released, there's MORE!

L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets have just arrived in Australia, and this time, it's all about wearable pets. You can grab them now at Target for $69 each.

Like the L.O.L Surprise Big Surprise and Pearl Surprise, Biggie Pets are a large toy - which you'd expect from the price tag.

The set comes with a dome-shaped carry case, and it contains over 15 surprises: one Biggie Pet, two or three Pet Babies, wear-and-share accessories, spy glasses for unlocking secret codes, and various pet accessories.

Each Biggie Pet has a coin slot, so kids can use them as piggy banks. There are also straps and loops for wearing each pet as a backpack.

The plastic carry case can also be worn as a backpack, or used as a storage container for all those L.O.L Surprise toys.

If this set is anything like its predecessors, expect it to sell out FAST!

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  • Kirsty A.

    just wait till the girls see these :joy:

  • Kirsty A.

    $79!! Omg cover their eyes! I said no to the $18 one :joy::joy:

  • Nikki B.

    great... here we go again!!!

  • Lidiya B.

    OMG noooooooooo!!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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