Best Deal On L.O.L Surprise Bigger Surprise in Australia

Best Deal On L.O.L Surprise Bigger Surprise in Australia

If you've got massive L.O.L Surprise fans on your hands, keep this page handy for the best price on one of the most impressive sets: the L.O.L Surprise BIGGER Surprise!

The best deal right now can be found at Target it's on sale for $99. Get over there STAT to stash yours before they disappear.

What's in L.O.L Surprise Bigger Surprise?

The L.O.L Surprise BIGGER Surprise is pretty much the ultimate unboxing treat for fans of the series, especially given that all of the included dolls and accessories have never been seen before.

The set comes packaged in a very pink and glittery capsule-like case filled with over 60 surprises across four layers, and it includes limited-edition L.O.L Surprise Dolls and accessories.

Layer One:

  • 12 surprises, including ten L.O.L Surprise cups filled with accessories and clothes

Layer Two:

  • 6 different L.O.L Surprise hair wigs

Layer Three:

  • 26 surprises, including two Big Sister Surprise Balls, one L.O.L Surprise Lil' Pet Ball and one L.O.L Surprise Lil' Sister Ball

Layer Four:

  • 18 exclusive hairstyle surprises, each one disguised like the Under Wraps series. There are also L.O.L Surprise Masks to collect!

This one is even more impressive than its predecessor, the Big Surprise, and it comes as no "surprise" that fans are flipping over this one!

Grab it on sale while you can!

Other Sellers:

You can also find the BIGGER Surprise at Big W.


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