Limited Edition Queen Icing Flavours $1.70 @ Woolworths

Ltd Edition Queen Icing Flavours $1.70

Where have these been all my life?! Flavoured mermaid-inspired icing is now as simple as buying as buying a bottle of Queen icing extract, and whipping it into a fluffy, sweet and irresistible topping! Limited edition Queen icing flavours are available now at Woolworths for just $1.70 on special - and I'm buying them ALL!

Queen icing flavours are new to the extracts line of icing and food colouring products, and these limited editions that have just arrived look ahh-mazing!

Mermaid Magic is the latest release, and the flavours are a combination of grape and melon. Unicorn Dream is apparently reminiscent of bubblegum, marshmallow and fairy floss. Can you even?!

If you're baking for the kids often, get some of these flavours in your collection. They're pretty much guaranteed to go down a treat with the kids.

Use FREE Click & Collect for orders over $30 at Woolworths.

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  • Meegan B.

    I’m off to Woolies to buy these today!

  • Dee B.

    I have these already :blush:

  • Dion H.

    I wonder what mermaid magic and unicorn dreams taste like :joy:

  • Mary-Jane S.

    I need to buy lots where do I get them

  • Megan B.

    Yum :yum:

  • Cassandra L.

    I’d love to try the purple one!! The bugle gum is goooooddddd

  • NicMole I.

    All over this already :wink:

  • Tegan B.

    Ooh nice

  • Leanne M.


  • Jasmine V.

    Oh awesome! I'll have to suss it out too!

  • Kiarra J.

    They are cute x

  • Gemma P.


  • Georgia K.

    I’ve seen them! Yet to trial rhough

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