Up to 64% off LEGO Buildable Watches @ Deals Direct

Up to 64% off LEGO Buildable Watches @ Deals Direct

If your kids are LEGO fanatics and in need of a new watch for the new year, I've found some crackers! Called LEGO Buildable Watches, these are actually interchangeable, and they even come with a minifigure! They are hard to find in Australia still, but we've tracked them down on Deals Direct with direct shipping from the US. They're down to just $29, and it's a massive saving!

These watches all come with an analogue watch face with quartz movement, so they should see kids through several years of wear.

But it's the link factor that really sets these apart from a big crowd of kids' novelty watches.

Each watch comes with a collection of LEGO watch links, and kids actually get to build their watch in whatever pattern or colour scheme they wish. For some of the watches, the minifigure is actually attached to a link, so it works as a decorative element on the watch; for other varieties, the minifigure comes as a separate toy.

There are some big LEGO themes on offer here, including DC Comics and Star Wars - but you'd better get moving because these are selling fast!

Top picks include:

You'll notice this sale also includes LEGO Light-Up Minifigure Alarm Clocks which are great for bedside tables, and a LEGO Brick Alarm Clock for $35.

Great gift ideas here!

Orders are dispatched from the US, so allow up to a few weeks for delivery.

Standard shipping is $9.95. Sale ends 25th January, 2019.


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  • Karen D.

    I need the wonder woman

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    I’ve seen these around I don’t know if I’m cool enough to rock one of these