Large LEGO Storage Head $29.99 @ Toys R Us

Large LEGO Storage Head $29.99

If LEGO is constantly strewn all over your kids' bedrooms, and their infatuation with building shows no signs of easing, a LEGO Storage Head might be a worthwhile investment - and I've never seen the large size this cheap! Get it for just $29.99 at Toys R Us now.

This larger design of the LEGO storage containers measures 27 centimetres high and 24 centimetres wide, so the kids will fit plenty of minifigs and pieces in it.

Iconic LEGO Storage Heads are probably the coolest containers for LEGO pieces you can get, there's even a girl version with red lips, which I just know my daughter would love.

A fun feature of these storage tubs is they are actually stackable, just like real LEGO. So, should your child have an exceptionally HUGE stash of LEGO that needs housing, grab multiple storage heads and stack them up.

I haven't seen this large LEGO Storage head under $45 for a while, so this is an excellent deal. Go get it!

Standard shipping is $9.99.

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