Large Circle & Triangle Photo Holders $15 (were $34.95) @ Pillow Talk

Large Circle & Triangle Photo Holders $15 (were $34.95) @ Pillow Talk

Do you have hundreds of photos of your kids on your phone? Yep, me too! Well, this is fabulous deal is a great incentive to actually start printing some! Pillow Talk has some stunning and totally unique photo holders on sale at a huge 57% off right now; you can pick them up for just $15 each!

These beautiful gold-toned photo holders definitely serve two purposes: gorgeous decor and a place to show off those pics you need to see daily. I'm loving how unique the shapes are of these, and the fact that they can be hung on a wall - out reach of toddlers and pets.

These are the two styles:

They're quite large at 50 to 60 centimetres in diameter or length, so they're going to get noticed.

These would make fab gifts for decor lovers, and they're an absolute bargain.

Know someone who'd love them?

Standard shipping is $10.95 around Australia.


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