Lake Crystal Tofu Making Kit $21.80

Lake Crystal Tofu Making kit. Consists of a plastic tofu mould and press, muslin cloth, 100ml Pink Lake nigari (magnesium oil coagulant). Recipe included.

If you ever wanted to make homemade tofu this kit is ideal. You will need to buy your own soy beans from your local Asian Store or heathfood store.

General directions, soak your soybeans overnight (about 8 hours), grind in a blender, strain through a cloth - this will yield raw soy milk. Boil the raw soy milk and then add nigari. Wait. Take the coagulated tofu and gently transfer it into the mold, then press and wait.

The nigari can also be used with the soymilk to make Chinese Soy Pudding (served with ginger syrup).

RRP $25.00 (some shops do sell for a bit more)

Shipping is $5.25 to Brisbane.


  • Donkey
    Bit of a poor description on the site itself as to whats in the pack etc. I just noticed this post and went to have a look.
  • Pookie
    Sounds like a lot of hard work to make Tofu....Coles is just around the corner from me and they sell 500g of Simply Better Tofu Plain Firm Organic for $4.88...and I'm lazy :) Im not sure how much you can make with this kit though.
  • Donkey
    You really arent a purist are you :)
  • Pookie
    It's like making your own beer...why do it when the good people at Hahn etc can do it for me :p
  • queenshrew
    Looks interesting...! But I'm lazy too! I have a machine that makes me soy milk. I put beans in, add water, switch it on and walk away. It grinds/cooks/boils and then beeps to let me know it's ready, I then pour through a sieve and drink hot soy milk :)

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