Krispy Kreme Brings Back Krispy Skremes for Halloween

Be quick, they're only here for a few weeks
Krispy Kreme Brings Back Krispy Skremes for Halloween

Krispy Kreme has brought back its famous Krispy Skremes for Halloween 2019, and if you're quick, you can get your hands on a double dozen party pack for just $37.94.

Three monstrously good doughnuts make up the Halloween range this year, two with surprise fillings, and all three in new themes for 2019.

Skully — so called because of the white-choc skull decoration — has a malt-chocolate cream filling (OMG!), white-chocolate truffle icing in red, and a biscuit crumb.

Mummy is your classic jam doughnut taken to a whole other level. It's filled with gooey raspberry jam, and smothered in purple white-chocolate icing. If you look closely you'll see two mummy eyes peeking out of the bandages. Spooooky!

And then there's the Spiderweb, which is my pick of the bunch for the fact that it looks brilliant, and it comes in the form of a classic original glazed doughnut. This one is dipped in chocolate ganache and decorated with white-chocolate icing for the spidery effects.

Online deals include:

Last delivery date is 1st November for these doughnuts.

Standard shipping (metro only) starts at $5. Express shipping is $10.


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