Kogan Waffle Maker $29 Delivered (was $59) @ Kogan

Kogan Waffle Maker $29 Delivered (was $59) @ Kogan

Anyone for waffles? They're just the thing for the imminent wintery weather if you ask me. You can pick up the popular Kogan Waffle Maker right now for just $29 with FREE shipping - that's $30 off. Better get that chocolate syrup and whipped cream ready!

Waffles are surprisingly very easy to make, but you really do need a waffle maker to achieve the traditional texture, pattern and the all-important crispiness on the outside.

This waffle maker has a non-stick surface, and it's as simple as pouring in your batter (which is very similar to pancake batter, but generally sweeter), let it cook for a few minutes - and brunch is served!

I find appliances like this one to be fabulous for older kids who are starting to channel their inner chef; it's simple yet fun cooking, and doesn't leave a mountain of washing-up to tackle later - ain't nobody got time for that when there are warm waffles to eat!

This item ships FREE for a limited time.


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