Kmart Vegetable Spiral Maker for just $15 (prices elsewhere $30+)

Kmart Vegetable Spiral Maker for just $15 (prices elsewhere $30+)

These vegetable spiralisers are pretty trendy now and I couldn't find a cheaper one anywhere else.

I remember that the Kmart pasta maker was a bargain back in its day for about this price and seems like using vegetables as pasta is the new thing.

The higher-end models sell for about $60, while cheaper versions are priced roughly $30 across most stores (like House, Kitchen Warehouse, Kogan, etc.). So Kmart is actually offering 50% off market prices.

As an addition in case you need inspiration, Kmart has Spiralise! by Pete Evans (a book full of recipes) for $15, which is also the best price I could find on this at the moment. Surprisingly Myer has the next best price on this title at $17.49, followed by QBD at $17.99 whom both beat Booktopia's $19.95 sale price.


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