Kmart is Selling a $29 Potty That Looks and Sounds Like a Real Toilet

Where was this when I was potty training my kids?
Kmart is Selling a $29 Potty That Looks and Sounds Like a Real Toilet

Parents who are about to embark on the harrowing experience that is potty training, you're going to love this! Kmart has just released an adorable potty for tots that looks just like a real toilet! Best of all, it's only $29. Grab one while they last!

This very cute little potty is designed to make littlies feel like they're using the "big toilet", but this one is perfectly sized so that they can reach it easily, and by themselves.

Its' got a removable bowl so you can clean it easily, non-slip feet, and it even has a lid so that tots can practise putting the lid down after use. (Whether they keep doing this as they grow up is a whole other story!)

But it gets better, because with a press of the easy-push button on the top of the toilet, you get flushing sounds! Kids are going to love that.

You will need AAA batteries for the flushing sounds, and I highly recommend buying rechargeable ones for anything like this that is likely to get a lot of use.

Summer Infant makes a similar potty to this called the My Size Potty, but it's quite a bit more expensive at around the $50 mark. Kmart's option, while slightly more simple in design (it doesn't have the storage area), is a much more affordable price for something that is only used for a short time in.

if you're about to embark on toilet training, get over to Kmart STAT!

Kmart ships for $10, or you can use FREE Click & Collect for this item.


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