Kids' Wooden Fire Engine Table and Chairs Set $91.92 Delivered @ eBay Store:

Fire Engine Table and Chairs Set $91.92

After an unmissable table and chairs set for your toddler? This fire engine set is just brilliant, and it's definitely a piece of furniture the kids will never forget! It was originally $249, but you can buy it now for just $91.92 delivered by using the seller's discount code: PUMP20.

This adorable set is suitable for ages one to five years and it includes three sections. The table has a blackboard surface for loads of scribbling, and it measures 48 centimetres across. The two solid chairs have back and side support, and could probably fit two tots into each of them.

What I love about the chairs on this set is that they can actually double as shelving in bedrooms or play areas. Very handy!

Whether or not the kids are mad about fire trucks, this set is awesome, and I can imagine there will be a LOT of games centred around this piece of furniture!


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Offer ends 16th April, 2018. This item ships FREE around Australia.

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