Kids' Storage Ottomans From $15.90 Delivered @ eBay

Toy storage solved!
Kids' Storage Ottomans From $15.90 Delivered @ eBay

If you are anything like me and struggling with the issue of all those kiddie belongings and where to store them, then you're going to love these colourful storage boxes I've stumbled across. They are an absolute bargain starting at just $15.90 shipped - and they are strong enough to double as a kids' ottoman.

The vehicle styles ($15.90) include an ice cream van (my fave!), a police bus, a fire engine, a school bus and a stagecoach. They measure 56 x 33 centimetres and have two separate compartments, with a removable main lid. These hold up to 29 litres.

Kids' Storage Ottomans From $15.90 Delivered @ eBay

The more traditional storage boxes ($16.90) come in a choice of five styles: unicorn, camp fire, night play, fisher dogs and circus. These ones measure 60 x 30 centimetres, and hold up to 48 litres. These ones would actually make great little side tables for toddler beds.

Both styles of storage units can hold up to 30kg, so they double as a kiddie ottoman for younger kids. They are also water resistent, easy to clean, have padded and rounded edges for safety, and they are fully collapsible for storing.

I'm definitely going to grab one of these for my son's bedroom - the problem is choosing!

All of these storage units ship FAST & FREE in Australia.


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