Kids' & Mums' "Why?" & "Because I Said So" T-Shirts From $12.95 @ Pumpkin Patch

Kids' & Mums' "Why?" & "Because I Said So" T-Shirts From $12.95 @ Pumpkin Patch

These are brilliant! In fact, in a world full of matchy-matchy gear, this combo is actually one of my faves. These are in stock right now, with kids' t-shirts $12.95, and adult t-shirts $14.95, and you can get them delivered in time for Mother's Day.

I giggled my head off when I saw these pop up at Pumpkin Patch recently, and had to share them; I mean, how many times a day do we hear the word "why?" fall our kids' lips? And how many times do we utter "because I said so!" as we throw our hands in the air and wonder if the questions will ever stop? Like ever!

Kids' & Mums'
Image Source: Pumpkin Patch Website: instagram user: @milaandnoah

Both kids' and adults' t-shirts are made from 100 per cent cotton, with a very unisex grey marle and white stripe. Sizing is small to extra large for kids (or ages two to ten years), and small to large for adults.

Just love 'em! Add them to your Mother's Day list now!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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