Kids' Knitted Unicorn Hooded Scarf $19.29 @ eBay

Kids' Knitted Unicorn Hooded Scarf $19.29 @ eBay

I'm completely smitten with this unicorn knitted scarf, and I'm pretty sure my unicorn-obsessed daughter would wear it morning, noon and night during the freezing winter months. There are a few eBay stores selling this one, but the best deal I found is $19.29 - and I'm putting one straight in my cart.

Unicorns are still the be-all and end-all for many kids right now, and this has to be the ultimate winter accessory for true devotees of the mythical creatures - plus, it's going to keep them warm.

In terms of sizing, this is suitable from around three years of age up to about ten, and made of wool knitting. Features include a majestic tasselled mane in pink, roomy pockets for keeping those hands warm, pointed unicorn ears, and of course, a noble unicorn horn.

No doubt about it, this scarf will be the envy of the playground.

If you don't mind waiting a while for shipping from China, this seller has these in a number of colour options for $14.99 with $1.99 shipping.

This item ships for $1.29 in Australia.


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    that's beautiful

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    I’m sorted for winter