Kids' Foldable Duck Raincoat Umbrella $7.85 Delivered @ eBay

Kids' Foldable Duck Raincoat Umbrella $7.85 Delivered @ eBay

These hilarious and undoubtedly adorable kiddie coat-umbrellas have been trending on socials lately, and it's pretty clear to see why! I've tracked them down for just $7.85 at eBay, with FREE shipping. Can you imagine the looks from passersby? Priceless!

These quirky little numbers are part hooded raincoat, and part umbrella, and the idea is that they save parents from having to fully dress a child in a coat (which can take two hours if it's an unwilling toddler), and also avoid the awkwardness of young kids with umbrellas.

The duck-themed garment slips right over the head. The flat, round shelter measures over 69 centimetres in diameter, so there's a reasonable amount of protection from overhead rain provided. (Different story if it's windy, though!)

You can buy these in a size SMALL or MEDIUM, and they suit kids up to 120 centimetres in height.

What do you think? Love it, or way too wacky?

These coats ship FREE to Australia.


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