Kids' Animal Beanie Scarves $12 @ Big W

Kids' Animal Beanie Scarves $12 @ Big W

Do you need to stock up on some winter accessories for the kids? Big W has just launched some kids' Beanie Scarves that are not only have a massive novelty factor, but they're a little bit adorbs, too. You can grab them right now online for $12.

These are no ordinary beanies, or scarves for that matter - they're a hybrid Beanie Scarf, and they totally serve the purpose of both very effectively.

Each cosy fleece beanie has two long sides that are long enough to wrap around and form a scarfe. Not only that bu they have built-in pockets so if kids prefer to wear it with the sides hanging down, they can keep those hands nice and toasty.

Styles include Dinosaur,Wolf, Unicorn, Panda and Bunny - and good luck choosing from this cuteness!

There's a lot of new winter gear for the kids heading into Big W stores and online right now, and one of our favourites is the character light-up gumboots, which are massive fun for kids who are obsessed with a certain TV show right now.

Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or you can use FREE in-store collection if there is stock on hand.


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