RIGO Swing & Swivel Slider Ride-On $30.32 Delivered @ Ebay

RIGO Swing & Swivel Slider Ride-On $30.32 Delivered @ Ebay

These are brilliant! I've seen them at friends' places over the years, and witnessed many kids having a ball with with them, but until now haven't thought to grab one. This time I definitely will be. By using code PROMISE, you can buy these in assorted colours for just $30.32 delivered - bargain!

If you haven't seen these in action, I totally recommend jumping on You Tube to have a look - they look like heaps of fun, and unlike loads of other rides out there, these aren't limited just to young kids, even adults can ride these ones.

They have smooth-action wheels and and an easy-use steering wheel. The idea is that kids use the wheel to swivel and slide all over the place.

These don't actually require foot propulsion, all of the movement comes from turning the wheel - so little (or big) feet can relax up front on the footrests.

The best thing about these is that they can be used for years. They hold 120 kilograms, so even Dad can have a go!

You can buy them in pink, blue, green, red and purple right now.


  • Enter code PROMISE at checkout to reduce the price to $30.32

These cars ship FAST & FREE around Australia, and this seller is one of the few with pre-Christmas delivery still guaranteed.


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