Justin Bieber Bear Arrives @ Build-a-Bear Workshop

Justin Bieber Bear Arrives

Got a Belieber in your life? You need to get over to Build-a-Bear Workshop QUICK to get your hands on the limited edition Justin Bieber bear. It's $60 online and available now.

The Justin Bieber Bear, or as we like to call him Justin Biebear, comes with a groovy denim jacket, exclusive t-shirt, denim jeans and paw pads.

There is certainly something about Build-A-Bear that absolutely captures the hearts of kids. My daughter, now seven, is still completely attached to the bear she built some four years ago! From my experience, they're great quality and make awesome companions.

And let's not forget the Bieber factor!

There are only 2400 of these in existence, so you'd better grab one while you can!

Build-A-Bear Workshop ships around Australia. Shipping is calculated at checkout.


  • Brooke C.

    isn’t this like 5 years too late? :joy:

    • Leanne M.

      It’s never too late (to say sorry). I’m so funny

  • Laura R.

    might have to get myself a build a bear :joy:

  • Milica K.

    Omg you can order it online :heart_eyes:

  • Milica K.

    Not yet I’ll wait till after Christmas I might just buy it for me :joy::joy:

  • Holly R.


  • Kiralee T.

    Yesssss I saw this I want it so bad :joy:

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