"I Could Eat A Horse" Pasta Measure $13.95 @ Everten

"I Could Eat A Horse" Pasta Measure $13.95 @ Everten

Confession: I'm hopeless with quantities when it comes to cooking, and this genius (not to mention hilarious) kitchen tool could be the answer to my problems - well, my spaghetti problems at at least! It's down to just $13.95 right now at Everten. Go grab it!

It's a very simple concept, really, but a tool that I have no doubt would be super convenient for busy mums and handy for bigger kids who are learning to cook. It's also something that could help save on wastage, which is always something to strive for.

The tool measures around 17 centimetres in length, and it has portion measurements for spaghetti servings for women, men, kids or those ravenous folk who could eat a horse!

If stock runs low at Everten, you can also pick this one up at Yellow Octopus for $17.99.

Everten ships this item for $8.90 anywhere in Australia.


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  • Carrlie R.

    Hahahaha that’s awesome!

  • Rebecca S.

    Haha, I would only ever use the horse part :speak_no_evil: