Human Skeleton Model...or 170cm smiling Coat Hanger

10 March 2012

OK, so I had a good laugh with the Mrs when I saw this. I wanted to use it as a coat hanger and to be honest, it may be an expensive coat hanger but it will definitely be a conversation piece at our place.

So for those of you that are Med students and you would like a coat hanger impersonating a skeleton, this one is reduced from $249.95 to $149.95 until Monday 11.59pm AEDT.

If you are not a Med student and you want one then welcome to the "out there" club :)


  • Pookie
    oh yeh, and I forgot to mention that there is 4.5% cashback with DealsDirect
  • ninkasi
    Have to give this a 'hot' if only because of the coat hanger reference.... ;-)
  • admin EDITOR
    Begs the question - real or plastic :)
  • Pookie
    I think its hilarious that the related items on the page with the skeleton are a quit smoking pack, a blood pressure monitor and a vicks steam vaporizer...Its a little late now isn't it?
  • ninkasi
    Begs the question - real or plastic :)
    If you've watched any 70s Hammer Horror movies, it might make you think twice about working for them.... you can imagine the conversation at the Centrelink offices.... "that's the tenth person we've sent there, but haven't heard back from...." [SFX thunder/lightning] :eek: But yes, would not be real bone. Real ones cost a lot more, [now] have to have a certified history to them (sourced from a person who donated their body to medical science), and I suspect there are regulations in Australia about keeping human remains... sadly, in the past, some people collected human remains as a hobby and many bones, skulls, etc were acquired unethically. Many museums are now running a repatriation process, returning these remains to their communities where possible. Personally, I think it's important to understand that no matter ]how old some remains may be - they did belong to a ]real person who had family and friends. Personally it wouldn't really worry me if my head was used as a candle holder after I'm dead [from extreme old age, peacefully in my sleep!], but it would concern me if that in turn might cause distress to people I knew. Anyhow, another place for your creepy (but plastic) needs is ]here. Don't forget, Halloween is only seven months away... ;-)

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