How About a Pair of Fish Flops for Summer?

Would you dare to wear?
How About a Pair of Fish Flops for Summer?

After a holiday gift for your travel companion? A pair of fish flops is pretty much guaranteed to have them in stitches, and to get a LOT of attention on the beach this summer. You can grab them on eBay for just over $19 with free shipping around Australia.

You might have seen fish flops doing the rounds on socials in recent times and getting a whole lot o' love from beach-loving Aussies for the simple fact that they are beyond funny.

They're made of soft PVC, and while they may look a little fishy, they're actually designed to be crazy-comfy, easy to wear, and a novel way to show off your love of marine life.

You can buy them in Euro sizing from 36-37 to 44-45, and they come in a green colour.

Know someone who needs a pair?

Standard shipping is FREE in Australia.


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