Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set HALF PRICE @ Big W

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set $24.50

Little ones crazy about Hot Wheels? There is a fantastic deal running right now on the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set which will save you 50% off the full price! You can pick it up for just $24.50 and have it delivered in time for Christmas.

The beauty of this set is that it's one that kids can play with a mate or sibling as well as on their own, and there is actually a good element of skill involved.

Players have to perfectly time the launch of their vehicle into the rotating loop so as to smash out the opponents! There's smashing, crashing and a lots of rotating loops with this one, and kids are going to love the thrill factor.

Any Hot Wheels fan will love this set, and at just $24.50 it's a TOTAL bargain.

The set comes with two launchers and two Hot Wheels cars. It's recommended for ages five and over (although I know a certain four-year-old who would go nuts over this!)

Standard shipping is $7.60 or you can use FREE in-store collection.

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