Heated 230W Electric Clothes Rack $59.99 @ Catch Of The Day

Heated 230W Electric Clothes Rack $59.99 @ Catch Of The Day

There's nothing better than curling up in a blanket that just came out of the dryer – and you can get even cozier this winter with this Heated 230W Electric Clothes Rack for only $59.99 at Catch Of The Day!

I hang almost all my clothes after washing, but I hate waiting all day for them to dry. This rack speeds things up, since you can spread your wet clothes on 18 different heated bars and fold-out side racks.

It's compact, portable and sturdy enough that you can use it to dry your jeans and towels. It has great reviews, but best of all, it's good for the environment, since it uses less power than the average machine dryer!

The Heated 230W Electric Clothes Rack is suitable for indoor use only, so save it for fall and winter when you want toasty, cozy clothes. It can heat up to 55 Celsius, so make sure you use it in a safe space away from young children and pets.

Looking for more ways to stay warm? This Heller Freestanding 100W Heated Towel Rack is also on for $59.99!


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  • odysseus

    From experience with similar electric towel rails, I think the 1 and 2 star comments are spot on.

    The issue is it is only a small amount of power so does not actually radiate heat; it just warms the line of clothing that is in contact with the bar. As you'll see from the comments there are many complaints about only the part of the clothes touching drying. Also it won't dry wet clothes, but only things that are moist.

    The comments also refer to it being flimsy and the bars being close to each other. Haven't experience with this specific one, but they sound like additional reasons to consider.

    Basically you need something that actually radiates heat - i.e. a heater (including that in a dryer) to have enough heat to dry. But then that means the substantial cost of a heater as well. Air drying is still best!