Heart-Shaped Egg or Pancake Flipper $6.95 Delivered @ eBay

Heart-Shaped Egg or Pancake Flipper $6.95 Delivered @ eBay

If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day, but be spared the expensive gifts, restaurants and babysitters - this nifty little kitchen gadget is just the ticket. It's a heart-shaped silicon mould, perfect for a batch of loved-up pancakes, and it's only $6.95 delivered! Mmm, pancakes....

The way these things works is quite simple. You heat your pan, lay the silicon mould over it (it needs to be resting flat), then you pour in the batter, or eggs. When you think the underneath side is done, hold the handles of the mould and flip it!

There are some pretty expensive heart-shaped frying pans on the market, but who needs 'em when you've got gadgets like this?

I know Valentine's Day is all about couples, but my kids would absolutely love heart-shaped pancakes for brekkie! This is going straight in my cart.

You can buy the same mould from this seller in a basic round shape, too.

This item ships FAST & FREE from Sydney - you'll get it well in time for Valentine's Day.


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