Hasbro Birthday Blowout Game $13.99 @ Amazon Australia

Hasbro Birthday Blowout Game $13.99 @ Amazon Australia

Do you have a little one having a birthday soon? Hasbro's Birthday Blowout is such an exciting game for kids, and the only one I know of with actual light-up candles! You can buy it at Amazon Australia for just $13.99 right now.

So the aim of this game is to be the child who blows out the most candles before the music stops playing. But, it's not as simple as you might think, because some candles flicker, some re-light, some flash and they all spin; kids might think they've blown all candles out only to find that one springs back at the last minute.

(I think even adults would laugh themselves silly with this one!)

With lights and sounds, and those breath-activated trick candles, it's hard to believe this is down to just $13.99 - especially when it's a tough one to find in Australia.

You'll need three AA batteries for this game - don't forget them if it's a gift!

Take a look at Birthday Blowout in action:

If your kids are as obsessed with birthdays and cake as mine are, this is a must-have for the games cupboard.

I'm off to grab one for my birthday boy!

Standard shipping is $5.99, or FREE over $49.


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