Hasbro 2019 Toy Story Operation Board Game $40 @ Mighty Ape

Hasbro 2019 Toy Story Operation Board Game $40 @ Mighty Ape

Hasbro has just released a new "Buzz Lightyear" edition of the Operation board game, and given the how obsessed our kids are likely to become with all things Toy Story once the new movie releases, I think this is one is a must for the games cupboard!

I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of the Operation board game for the simple fact that it always has me and my kids in stitches, and it's not too complex for younger kids to get involved with.

And when Toy Story is involved, it becomes extra cool.

In this new 2019 release, players will be operating on Buzz Lightyear himself - fixing his solar sockets and dinged-up dashboard. As always, the rules are that players have to remove particular pieces from the patient without touching the sides and causing the board to BUZZZZ!

There are 11 operations required in this edition to fix up ol' Buzz so that he can get back to space ranging.

I've always found Operation to be quite a quick game, which is great for kids with shorter attention spans, and the "buzzing" feature keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

I definitely need this edition in my life.

Standard shipping is $6.95 at Mighty Ape.


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