HASA 2012 Carbon Road Bike Shimano 105 White/Black 52cm

Shimano 105 Shifters
HASA Carbon/Alloy Frame
(Full Carbon Head tube Rear Stays Fork)
Shimano 105 Brakes
Truvativ Chain Wheel
Mavic Rims or Sunringle Rims
5 Years Warranty on Frame
1-2 Years Warranty on Parts
85% assembled


  • vikk
    Shipping on this bike to Sydney cost another $51.15. The site claims the RRP of this bike is $2,500.00, I searched for the same bike elsewhere to see if it´s a good deal at this price, but could not find it anywhere else. Does any of you know about bikes and can confirm the real value of his deal?
  • odysseus
    No way people would be paying $2500 for this. Their ad is also very tricky. They put a comparison against a real bike - but one from 2009! And the price was really from 2009 as well - when the AUD was worth around 66c US. So the specs are 5 years old (and bike tech improves annually like other tech), and the price is when things cost almost double what they do now. Oh, and to add to the misleading impression, they compare against a well known brand - that charges a premium price. The price Hasa charge is reasonable for what is being offered - but has also had competitors sell for a similar price in the past. You won't find it elsewhere as Hasa is an exclusive brand to cyclingdeals (so basically an exclusive generic). Some other things to note is that this bike is assemble yourself. Assembly can be done yourself, but good bikes are like cars and should be taken care of e.g. lubes, cleaning and so on. Some buyers have issues out of the box and take to their bike shop for assembly which is probably $70. By way of comparison, here's Giant's current $2200 model: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-au/bikes/model/defy.composite.2/14892/66364/#specifications Note: you don't buy Giant for good value, but they have a good range, service and are well known. Here's something much better, with the same minimum specs e.g. carbon, for rrp $2000 (street price about $1500) http://www.apollobikes.com/bikes13/carbon/vispo#.UmZC6FzZXmE When you add delivery, assembly, customisation to the Hasa and you often get at least one free service from a local dealer, there's not much difference in price between them. It's a bit like flying a budget airline, then paying for your meal, entertainment, luggage, and so on on top. :-) First off, you should consider what you plan to do with the bike though. For example, this is a carbon road racer, which is good if you're planning triathlons and speed cycling, but not so good if you want it e.g. for commuting, trails, or a number of other things.
  • vikk
    Thanks for your detailed reply, odysseus. Wasn´t planning to buy this bike, just wanted to know whether it was a good deal or not, but based on what you´re saying it is neither great or crap.
  • Donkey
    Its not an entirely crap bike nor deal. The RRP is crap yes. The bike has never been sold at that price. The bike frame ... who knows. Hansa isnt enough of an established brand to be able to tell what the build quality is like. The components on the frame - there's not a whole lot wrong with them - they're the same as the Giant + plenty of other bikes. Shimano - the bread and butter of cycle components. Now the cons. From what I can work out cycledeal is US based so your likely to be getting it delivered from OS and i have no idea what they are like. Also the 'wildly discounted' price is a furphy as thats about the standard price for the same bike on Amazon / Ebay and a couple of other places. Weight wise - I'm not sure what they've done with it as there's a grant total 1kg difference between the alloy giant and the carbon Hansa - ie **** all. For a carbon bike with 105 Shimano bits with Mavic rims etc its not a bad price - comparatively. All told I'd sum this up as a punt deal. You know your not buying stand around on the corner bling and its fingers crossed that the frame is good. The rest of the components are going to be fine.
  • odysseus
    Just one point to correct there. Cyclingdeal is Australian based (though they also have a US (and other!) subsidiaries)). The stock listed is locally on hand - it would be delivered from Melbourne. The bike itself is a generic though, made in Taiwan.
  • Donkey
    Right..... how bad was my assumption. I made them for a US parent on the basis that they haad cyclingdeal.com and were doing more advertising on com sites.

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